Zinnia Everdeen is Katniss's daughter. She is the older sister of Rhydin Everdeen.

Appearance Edit

Zinnia has long jet black hair that reaches the middle of her hip. She usually ties it into a long, simple braid. She also has tan skin like her mother and large, blue eyes. She typically wears a dark tank top or t-shirt, pants that reach the middle of her shin, and hiking boots. She also wears dark fingerless gloves. She is average height, but sturdily built. She always carries a weapon with her. Her weapons of choice are either a crossbow, a tomahawk, or a dagger.

Personality Edit

Zinnia is quiet and seemingly reserved, but when engaged in conversation, she is not at all awkward or shy and can keep any conversation going. She loves to eat but always keeps herself in good shape. Even if Zinnia is disturbed, she will still act like she is happy and content.

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