Image Zane Dracnex was reaped in District 7 and competed in the 24th Annual Hunger Games. He was the victor, but angered the Capital greatly, by making a device that hacked the programming and shut down the force field, that caused multiple avalanches that killed the rest of the remaining tributes. After the games, his whole family was turned into avoxes , for defying the Capital. He then escaped from Panem and was put on the Capital's wanted list. Peacekeepers, searched every district and outskirts of Panem. Zane discovered a small government called District America, and hid in their territory, until he was found by Peacekeepers, and a small war broke out between the Capital and District America. District America lost the conflict, and Zane fled to district 12, where he hid there for a while, until he was captured by the Capital, and held prisoner and was forced to compete in the first Quarter Quell Hunger Games, as punishment a year later., during the Quarter Quell he teamed up with a tribute named Cresta Lexenworth, and fell in love with her, knowing they couldn't both survive they married each other on their own during the games. Cresta Lexenworth became pregnant with Zane's child. The only other tribute, a Career, Zane tried to protect Cresta, and he fought the career on top of a volcano, the career fell in the volcano, resulting in the volcano exploding killing Zane Dracnex, leaving Cresta as the the winner of the 25th Annual Hunger Games. Cresta raised Zane's twins Zane Jr. and Jennifer, that were born 9 months after the Quarter Quell. Zane Dracnex, was remembered many years later as a reminder for the second Rebellion.


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Training CenterEdit

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