Winchester Model 1873
Introduced & Produced: 1873-1919
Manufacturer: Winchester Repeating Arms
Ammunition Type:
  • .44-40 Winchester
  • .38-40 Winchester
  • .32-20 Winchester
  • .22 Rimfire
  • Feed System: 15 Round Tubular Magazine
    Type: Lever Action Rifle
    custom(?): No


    See real info here

    Fan FictionEdit

    The Winchester Model 1873 was used by Prine Hayes of District 2, who was teamed up with Libo Duncan during the 87th Annual Hunger Games. Her partner was using the Heckler & Koch HK33 on the arena, but when he ran out of ammo, she had to cover him until he could find more ammo. She shot at Xander Frost who managed to dodge her fire despite him being wounded by a bullet to the arm.

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