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What If is a community project created by the User: ExtremeSSJ4. Its mainly about events that would change in the original story of PercyJackson or Heroes of Olympus series (Example: What If Thalia made it to Camp Half-Blood instead of been turned into a pine tree?). If you want to join the project just leave a message in the talk page and you will soon receive an answer. Each book will have 12 episodes/chapters


  • All episodes must be the same style (You must have the characters section, then introduction, story and trivia). To see the style just look at the first episode page.
  • All episode pages must have in parantheses "What If"
  • All episodes must have the What If category

A Burning TurnEdit

  1. Lost (What if Gale died in Mockingjay?)


  • The series was created by ExtremeSSJ4