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I can't. It's too hard. I'm not strong enough. I'm not strong enough for the Hunger Games.

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Asia Madding

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Thunder Way

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Kajama Cresta

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Watch and Learn

Walking slowly, I descend from the stairs and down to the dining hall. A lovely aroma of fresh, crisp bacon, scrambled eggs, pasteries, and fruit fill my nose. It's more that i ever hoped for. I've never has gourmet food before.

“Asia.” Thunder glances up and smiles. Grimly I noticed. I decide not to say anything about it. If he wants to forget it, why should I be the one to remind him? I grab a whole plate of food from the buffet and sit down to join my mentor, Thunder, and the pair of District Twelve tributes, Kajama and Cedar.“Heyy, Asia. I’m Cedar Mellark.” The boy speaks with a confident tone. Its not a voice I would expect from someone in District Twelve. They have tired expressions, almost like they didn’t have a good nights sleep. As if he was reading my mind, Cedar raises his eyebrows. “Sleep well?” I glance up at him. Cedar gives me a cautious smile, like he's afraid of what I think. I don't answer. "Ignore him. I'm Kajama Cresta." The curly haired blonde grin grins as well. Her rosy cheeks flash againest the dim rays of sunlight. "Come on. We have training to get to."