"Come brothers, father waits for no one."
— Venus

Venus Tuesit is a side antagonist of The Hunger Games, Fleeing Snake. Born in District 1 she participated in the special edition of the 74th annual Hunger Games with her partner, Topaz Cheney, and was called the Strongest Tribute in the Entire Game. After the pack of career tributes was abandoned by Cato and Topaz was killed, Venus assumed command of the pack. She was responsible for capturing the "beast" tribute and sealing it within the cornucopia. After Peeta turned traitor she imprisoned him with the beast to keep him alive but subdued.

Eventually she abandoned the pack to go after Cato's group alone, and after a fierce battle Cato ended up sacrificing himself to kill Venus.

  • Name- Venus Tuesit
  • Age- 16
  • Occupation- Tribute
  • Home- District 1
  • Gender- Female
  • Height- 5,8
  • Weapon- Spears
  • Status- Unknown

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