Valkyrie Clayton is the main character of The 199th Hunger Games and The 200th Hunger Games. When her older sister, Lucinda Clayton, was reaped, Valkyrie volunteered for her. Valkyrie owns a knife which is uses in the hunger games and managed to bring it with her on the train to the Capitol. She calls her knife the Legendary Blade.


Early LifeEdit

When Valkyrie was 11 she would go to the market place in District 12 and stole food for herself, Lucinda and her auntie.

She also hunted in the woods outside of District 12 with her best friend Alec Huntersman to help get food for Alec's family.

The ReapingEdit

The escort for District 12, who was named Clover, came up on stage and showed the clip that talked about the 3 wars, The Dark Days, Panem Rebellion and Death league. The Capitol won the Darks Days, lost Panem Rebellion and won Death League. The escort called for "Ladies first!" making Valkyrie brace herself for the female's name.

Clover picked the name and called out Lucinda's name but Valkyrie calmly walked out before her sister could and said that she would volunteer.


The GamesEdit





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