For Creative Writing Class at school, we have to write a book. Yup. This is why you shouldn't have a gym teacher as you writing teacher. Long story short. Language teacher broke her leg standing on a chair, no takers cause salary was to low and the gym teacher was stuck with the job. Go figure. So this is what I wrote, kinda like the bad blurb.

"I'd follow you anywhere" Will says and grabs my hand. "Come on. If your going into the volcano, I'm coming with you."

Hesitantly, I reach out and stare into Will's dark brown eyes. Their dark. Like ashy coals mixed with the oak trees.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"I'm sure, Leven." He smiles. "I'd follow you anywhere.


Fourteen year old Leven Harrington sees it as a death sentence when she follows her sister into her region's forbidden forest, where many kids have been rumored to be hiddened. Risking her life, she journeys into the forest, overcoming obstacles, with her best friend Will Turner, and an eccentric old man. She dosen't know what's in there. But she has no choice if she wishes to save her sister. Experiencing freedom, adventure, and sacrificies, Leven learns about duty and the sacrifices she will have to make.

Is it worth it?

  • Although I highly doubt the teacher is going to read it, I want to do an good job. Thoughts?