The wiki seems to be on a good pace right now. We've seen a flood of activity and already have built up a small community, all in a bit more than a day. With this being said, the wiki has a good amount of content and some of it deserves to be recognized. I say we make a voting hub!

For thosr of you who don't know what a voting hub is, it is a place under the wiki's namespace where the community votes on what they think should be featured on the main page. The categories include featured user, story, article, and will possibly have more options in the future. When the featured content is voted on, it will be displayed on teh wiki"s main page for a certain amount of days. Content will be voted on every few weeks, so the main page will be constantly changing and users can have a good chance at getting their fanon displayed. If we do make a voting hub, it will be created some time this week. So what are your thoughts? Should I make a voting hub yet? Yay or nay?

Also, should the wiki get a favicon (the little icon in the address bar) and/or a new background?

Thanks for your input!

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