As we all know, this is the Hunger Games Fanon wiki. I've begun to notice that there are some stories on this wiki unrelating to the Hunger Games. Someone brought this issue to my attention, and I need to address it. If a story is not fanon of The Hunger Games, it will be deleted. Period. All stories must take place in the Hunger Games universe and have aspects of the canon storyline in it. It doesn't matter if a story was inspired by The Hunger Games or closely resembles it. If it is not Hunger Games fanon, then it should not be a page on this wiki. If you insist on keeping it on the wiki, put it in a blog. But please, do not write any more non-Hunger Games stories on the wiki.

The deletion of non-Hunger Games stories is in effect immediately, so it is strongly suggested you transfer the stories' content to a blog post if you want to keep it. Please do not complain or yell if a non-Hunger Games story is deleted. If the issue of non-HG stories continues to be a problem, then a policy will be written about it. The admins do not wish to create numerous policies and fill the wiki with restrictions, but it must be done if users do not use the wiki appropriately.

Sorry to do this, but it must be done. After all, the is the Hunger Games Fanon Wiki. Nothing else.

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