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    February 1, 2012 by The Inceptionist

    I was browsing Community Central and an idea came to mind: what if this wiki applied for a Wikia Spotlight? If we are going to do so, a lot of work must be done: all the wiki's pages must be categorized, pages will need to use templates when appropriate or needed, we cannot have any stub pages, and our policy must be finished. But I think if we finish all these things in time, we can be advertising our wiki in a spotlight around the time of the Hunger Games movie release.

    Should we? Tell me your thoughts.


    A list of things that we need done:

    • All policies complete
    • No stub pages (all pages have sufficient amount of text)
    • All pages categorized correctly (especially User: and Stories categories)
    • Pages have the Writer template at the top
    • Templates cre…
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  • The Inceptionist

    What the heck...

    January 13, 2012 by The Inceptionist

    I have tried and tried again, but I cannot get the wiki's background to change to save my life. Wikia staff member Moon Beam was kind enough to design us a new background and logo, but I can't change the background. Every time I do, it reverts back to the mockingjay pin thing.

    Any other admins having this problem?

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  • The Inceptionist

    Hunger Games ONLY!

    December 18, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    As we all know, this is the Hunger Games Fanon wiki. I've begun to notice that there are some stories on this wiki unrelating to the Hunger Games. Someone brought this issue to my attention, and I need to address it. If a story is not fanon of The Hunger Games, it will be deleted. Period. All stories must take place in the Hunger Games universe and have aspects of the canon storyline in it. It doesn't matter if a story was inspired by The Hunger Games or closely resembles it. If it is not Hunger Games fanon, then it should not be a page on this wiki. If you insist on keeping it on the wiki, put it in a blog. But please, do not write any more non-Hunger Games stories on the wiki.

    The deletion of non-Hunger Games stories is in effect immediatel…

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  • The Inceptionist

    Okay everyone, I just applied for this wiki to become an affiliate of the HG Wiki. Hopefully, this should increase peoples' awareness about the wiki and attract more users.

    EDIT: Alright, the wiki is now officially affiliated with the Hunger Games Wiki. A Wikia staff member from the HG Wiki has posted about us on Twitter and Facebook in an effort to make us more known.

    My question to all of you is, should we get Twitter and Facebook widgets on our main page just like the HG Wiki does? The suggestion was brought to me by Kate.moon (the Wikia staff member). She is willing to set it up for us, but I wanted to hear from everyone to see if it would be a good idea. Thoughts?

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  • The Inceptionist

    Color Scheme

    November 24, 2011 by The Inceptionist

    What do you think of the wiki's look? Should it change, or stay the same? What are your suggestions?

    Voice your opinions below.

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