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    Setting the Scene

    January 14, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    For the month of February, The Hunger Games Fanon is introducing a brand new Sub heading….Setting the Scene! In this category, we will select a specific scene from one of the Hunger Games books. It could be anything, from Rue’s death scene, Katniss and Peeta Cave scene, When Katniss sang to Pollux, killing Coin…etc.

    Here’s where YOU take place. The idea is for one of the users to write a paragraph or two to be featured in “Setting the Scene” It has to be written in the perspective of another character, that’s NOT Katniss, because that’s the original scene.

    Leave a message below in comments!

    This month, the scene you must write in another perspective is the scene where Rue dies. This scene is a couple of chapters but we will select one or two …

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    Yay or Nay

    January 7, 2012 by Team Peeta Anna

    Hey...I created a new background and was thinking of changing the headers, links, and stuff color into like gray and greenish. so do you guys liek it? or is it wierds? I can do back to the old one.

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    Dear Guest

    You are cordially invited to an tour of Santa's Workshop, led by me Anti Santa. As you all know, I am the twin brother of Santa Claus. He his given me the privlidge of conducting this tour. This tour will include and inside look of all creation of toys and games. It will conclude with an delicious cup of hot chocolate during and bumpy hayride led by Rudolph. Please RSVP in comments, in the following format

    I, _________ wiill be attending The Santa Workshop Tour and I enjoy ____________.

    Only 10 spots avaliable in the tour, so sign up!

    My Best Wishes,

    Mr. Santa A. Claus

    As said in Community Message, create an roleplay, contest, or story? I can't remember. This is kind of like my Christmas Romance, but unlike that there will be killing …

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