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  • Skybender101

    New Message Wall

    January 27, 2012 by Skybender101

    Your fellow admin Sky speaking here! So how is everyone enjoying this new message wall?

    • It's a faster way to post messages on individual's talk page
    • Similar to Facebook wall post (could be a con too)
    • You do not need a signature because it tells you who you are just in case you forget a signature (could be a con too)
    • You can follow and unfollow posts on the wall

    • Similar to Facebook wall pos (could be a pro too)
    • You do not need a signature (could be a pro too)
    • Could be hard to get used to

    Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Also should I continue "Through the Eyes of Rue"

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  • Skybender101

    Hello fanon wiki! Wow this community grew a lot! Sorry for my inactivity; I feel that I have let some people down. Once again, I'm really sorry.............. but I'm back!





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  • Skybender101

    Things To Follow

    December 7, 2011 by Skybender101

    As you all know, this wiki is blossoming and should continue to. There a few things that I want you guys to follow while using this wiki.

    • Please do not make a page that is spam and not have to do with THG.
    • Do not keep creating categories that will not be put in to good use.
    • No badge editting (editting pages for badges only).
    • Check the main page of this wiki for featured things of the month so you do not nominate it again for the next Voting Hub.

    I hope this isn't mean to anyone, but it's just some things that have been bothering me. Hopefully we can begin with our wiki policy soon.

    Happy Holidays! From: Skybender101  Talk  Contribs  Following 

    23:11, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Skybender101

    Through the Eyes of Rue written by Skybender101 creates the Point of View of Rue and how she copes with the stress and dangers of the 74th Hunger Games. This tale will begin from when Rue is reaped until her death in the games. The story will consist of (blank) chapters. I am currently planning it out.

    This blog will inform you on what is coming up in this fanon. My main page will give you more info. If you would like updates on this fanon, comment below and I will add your name.

    Chapter 1:

    Fanon: A Day of Sorrow

    Summary: Rue has been reaped for her district, 11. She and a fellow male district partner Thresh Green must fight 24 tributes to the death in the 74th Hunger Games. Saying goodbyes is difficult for Rue, but she eventually makes it to t…

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