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    My Idea

    February 1, 2012 by Moviepopcorn123

    So I had this idea for a book/short story. It would be about how a boy name Ash and his friends, Amber, and Mist are supposedly.selected to go and face off in an annual race. The kids are taken to an unknown island. Them and 27 other children (all 13-16) arrive. Then it is revealed that they have infact been kidnapped by a group of terrorists. The children are forced into cages. They are taken to a arena in the middle of the island and dumped there. Then a bunch of criminals from serial killers to bombers are released. They are told to hunt down the children, one by one.

    April 14th, 2059

    In history today we learned that 40 somthing years ago we were suppose to have flying cars and giant buildings. Thats not true, now we have no oil no gas a…

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  • Moviepopcorn123

    24 Victors

    November 19, 2011 by Moviepopcorn123

    This will be the story of how each victor in the 75th games won.

    All Gloss had to do was wait. Wait until his sister won, then volunteer. Wait till the tributes had their back turned to stab them. Gloss waited for his victory. When he got it, it came with a price, for he could never froget the grey eyes of the male from 12 as Gloss stabbed him. It took Gloss 17 days to win the 63rd games.

    Cashmere had everything she ever wanted. She trained hard and long and the moment she turned 17 she knew shw would volunteer. She won her games by suducing the boys, killing them one by one. Soon it was her and 3 other girls, it took them 1 day to find each other and less then 1 second to get voilent. Cashmere killed all of them. It took Cashmere 10 days to…

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