• Mockingjay.On.Fire

    "Haymitch Abernathy."

    It takes a moment for the name to sink in before I realize it is my own. I step out of the cluster of boys and take one last look at the faces that surround me. Friends. Family. Teachers. None of whom dare to meet my eyes. I know they won't go forward to take my spot as tribute, and the looks of guilt on their faces is like rubbing salt on a fresh cut.

    Rage bubbles inside me, keeping my feet from moving closer to the platform. Closer to my certain death. My eyes fall upon the familiar one's of a girl in the crowd. She looks away, guilt shaping her face like everyone else's. Jessie. Sorrow replaces the anger in my chest. I would never see her again. If only I could tell her I love her. Before I die.

    "Haymitch?" The voice …

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