Hello, all.

We 190 images on this wiki, and about three of them are licensed. I want you all to go through every image you have uploaded and source it using this template. If you have any questions about this, please ask in the comments.

I will be working on an image policy soon, and I'd hate to say it... but it may be very strict.

Some things we all need to take note of,

  • We're not an image hosting service. Please don't upload images that you aren't going to place anywhere. It'll be deleted.
  • If you do not source your image, it will be deleted.

If the image you're uploading is a screenshot, please say so. In the image summary (when uploading) say something along the lines of "Screen shotted by me to show ____ that ____."

With lunaii's, the same thing. On the temlate, link to the lunaii dollmaker webpage. The same with any site like that.

Again, any questions, please ask in the comments section. Thanks. :)

--Moon Beamtalk