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Une Histoire d'Amour


Romance, action





Main Characters

Novalee Emerson, Kail Bertrand

Age Group



Une Histoire d'Amour

The Foggy Barrier Between Love

Novalee Emerson and Kail Bertrand are two different people, from two different districts. Novalee lives on the border of District 9, next to Kail, and Kail lives on the border of 11, next to Novalee. Novalee's district's industry is grain, and Kail's agriculture. Kail's parents hate Novalee, and Novalee's parents hate Kail. Yet, they still find a way to love each-other. Every full moon, Novalee and Kail meet each-other on the border of 9 and 11. When dawn is about to crack, they run back to their houses. But when they both get reaped for The 66th Hunger Games, is there any way they can both survive?

Main CharactersEdit


Novalee Emerson

Novalee Emerson ~~ Novalee Emerson lives in District 9 with her father, mother, brother Keahghan, and her sisters, Kathleen and Andrea. She is 16 years old, and every day, she goes into the amber fields of District 9, and plants seeds. She lives by many flax fields, which make her white and red house stand out amongst everything else. She owns a piano, which she plays all the time. She prefers keeping her hair down, and has flax blue eyes. She loves being outside, and has a romantic interest in Kail Bertrand. She is a straight A student at her school, but doesn't enjoy school. She meets Kail Bertrand every full moon, at midnight.


Kail Bertrand

Kail Bertrand ~~ Kail Bertrand lives in District 11 with his father, and sister, Wyllow. He is 16 years old, and he works in an apple orchard. He almost lives in District 9, but not quite. He gets mostly B+'s and A's in school, but he does not like school at all. He has ashy-blonde hair, and hazel eyes. He has a romantic interest in Novalee Emerson. He owns and loves to play his guitar, which is a luxury in District 11. He always smuggles home few apples, for his sister Wyllow is unnaturally thin, and very sick. He enjoys the orchard, and being outside, he meets Novalee Emerson every full moon at midnight.

Other CharactersEdit

Jasmine van den Cavanagh-Beauregarde ~~ The District 9 escort.

Alexandra Allcott ~~ The District 11 escort.

Kendra Vyier~~ Novalee's stylist.

Kay-sha Holli ~~ Kail's stylist.

Ellen, Jamye and Charlotte~~ Kail's prep team.

Eleanor, Emilia, and Adrianna ~~ Novalee's prep team.

Kathleen Emerson ~~ Novalee's sister.

Andrea Emerson ~~ Novalee's sister.

Keahghan Emerson ~~ Novalee's brother.

Wyllow Bertrand ~~ Kail's sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson ~~ Novalee's parents.

Mr. Bertrand ~~ Kail's father.

President Coriolanus Snow ~~ The President of Panem.


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