Age 35
Occupation Teacher
Home District 8
Gender Female
Weapon Gun
Fate Deceased
Appearances Catching Fire
Portrayed by Rose Byrne

Twill was a woman who escaped from District 8 during an uprising. She and her student Bonnie met Katniss Everdeen in the woods of District 12, while on their way to District 13.


Catching FireEdit

Twill was a teacher, and after school let out she would go to work at the inspection dock of a factory where they made Peacekeeper uniforms. Twill stole bits and pieces of uniforms until she had two complete uniforms for herself and her husband. They intended to escape and contact other districts about the rebellion. Once District 8 started the uprising, the district appeared to be under rebel control, until the Capitol deployed Peacekeepers into District 8 "by the thousands" to take back the district. They were beaten down and defeated. As punishment as well as to regain control in District 8, the Capitol placed the district into a full lockdown state for approximately a week, with no food or water.

When they were finally allowed to go back to work, Twill and one of her students, Bonnie, were late on their way to the factory after school. The factory was bombed before they made it there, likely because the Capitol had received word of the rebel activity there. Though Bonnie and Twill were far enough away to survive, the explosion killed Twill's husband and Bonnie's entire family. After learning that her newborn son and her relatives already fled District 8 with 800 people and made it to District 13, the two disguised themselves in the stolen Peacekeeper uniforms, robbed a gun, and set on their journey to District 13. In the forest behind District 12, they met Katniss who was hunting. She gave them food, then taught them to make tea and use the gun to get meat. They in turn told her that they hoped to find District 13. Rebels in District 8 had noticed that the Capitol always reused old footage of District 13, creating hope that it still existed, independent of the Capitol.


In Mockingjay, Twill and Bonnie managed to reach District 13, and served in the military to prepare for war against the Capitol. While Bonnie remained behind to do training, Twill left and returned to District 8 to recruit a number of citizens to support the rebellion. While most citizens (including relatives of Cecelia, Savannah, and Woof) left the district and traveled safely to District 13 with enough food and water, Twill and Commander Paylor led a battalion of 2000 District 8 rebels to battle the Peacekeepers in the district. Before Katniss and Gale arrived, Twill was killed by a squad of Peacekeepers that outflanked her.

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