Full name: Trianna Wendelin

Nickname: None

District: 12

Age: 15


Eye Colour: Grey

Weight: Well fed

Height: Tall

Type of body/build: Muscley

Hair: Brown


Motto: "I can win this!"


Mom: Trianna

Father: Gregory

Siblings: Joseph

Friends: Liv and Tyler


Greatest fear: Suffecating

Priorites: To win

Goals after the Hunger Games: To mentor other tributes to win


Motivations: Love of District 12

Talents: Charming

Extremely skilled at: Throwing pickaxes

Extremely unskilled at: Wielding a sword

Good characteristics:

Darkest secret: Never had a boyfriend

==In The Hunger Games==

Allies: Cornelius Redmond

Preferred weapon(s): Pickaxe

Strategy: To get to the Cornipuca

Token: A flower from The Meadow

Reaping dress/suit: Blue dress

Chariot dress/suit: Dress of pickaxes

Interview dress/suit: White dress with spots of coal

Interview angle: Charming

Confidence: 10/10

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