Tray Brynner
District 1 Male
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Male
Weapon Axe
Fate Deceased

Tray Brynner was the male tribute from District 1 in the 81st Hunger Games. He was in an alliance with the other Careers but was killed early in the games.


Tray trained for the Hunger Games all of his life. Back in his home District, he had a girlfriend named Sara, who he was going to win the games for.

81st Hunger GamesEdit

HG81 tributes
Tray died early in the games, but he was still able to kill one other tribute who was also a Career. Tray placed 21st out of the 24 tributes.


Tray practiced fight mainly by using an Axe and knives. He recieved an average score of 7 during the training.


During the Bloodshed, Jason Sevetra decided not to join the Career pack, and was heading out toward the mountians on his own. Tray Brynner saw him, and out of anger of his betrayal, he ran up behind him and swings an axe at his head. Fire Colson grabbed a sheath of arrows that were close to the cornucopia, and shot at the Careers at random. One arrow found it's mark in Tray Brynner's neck.

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