"Well you are now official rebels now. I've explained all there is to know. You listen to Faith Erin now." Tessa McDale finishes her long lecture on rebelling.

I feel like saying something. While Tessa was lecturing I had devised a plan. "Okay everybody. I have a plan. It should work. I'm splitting you all into 6 groups of 8. I'm pairing you by my choice, and there is a leader of a group. Team Mutt. Your team, is Districts 1 and 2. Lead bt Kaine Breenail. Team Muttation 2, your team is Districts 3 and 4, led by Ria Lur." The black-haired girl I chose as captain looks strong and ready. Good, she got a ten in training. "Team Tribute. You are Districts 5 and 6. Led by Coyote Tillie. Team Victor, Districts 7 and 8, co-led by Serena-Kendra Bazx and Derek Hho. Team Rebel, Districts 9 and 10. Acctually 11 and 12 also, excluding Jamie and myself. co-led by, The remaining two Twelvers, Isabella Begley, Laine Kai and Poppy Steel." I finish. A little ten-year-old girl from 8 raises her hand. I point at her. "I'm Alessa. What about you and Jamie?" she asks. "We travel together." I look Jamie in the eye and say that.

"Now teams, all of your objective is to get to President Snow's building. I want you all taking different routes, but don't make yourselves obvious. If you have any injuries contact me through the walkie talkies in your pockets. If you need help from me, I'm giving your leaders some flare guns I hijacked. These are only if you are in grave danger, or you have been cornered by Capitol army men. Lets get to this, and look out for pods. They're tiny little red lights. If you see one, destroy it immediately. Good luck." I jump out the hovercraft. The streets are quiet.

No one is out. This feeling is not a good one. I wait. I see a pod and destroy it.

I wait some more. "It's safe to walk" I say to Jamie. We walk cautiously, being careful not to make noise. "Team Rebel leader Isabella Begley, over." A scratchy voice comes from my walkie talkie. "Faith Erin, over." I respond. "We've come across a pod, how do we destroy it? Over." Isabella asks. "Throw some sort of weapon at it. Over." There's the sound of breaking glass in the background. "Pod destroyed, Isabella Begley over and out." I flick off my walkie talkie. Then a whole bunch of cars just randomly start driving. People. I realize...

It's time to fight.

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