It Changed Everything

"Ha! Thank you for your great listening? Girl, you are a natural!" Eyelah encourages, for once. "Shhh! The scores are on!" Alex shushes. We all sit down. I clutch my knees and Eyelah slops onto the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. "Hello Panem! As you know I am Raihlen Plaxten, and this is my cohost, Sophianna Brixstol! Today the tributes had their individual sessions with our team of Gamemakers." Raihlen Plaxten announces cheerfuly. "We will start with the tributes from District one, then two, and so on. First we have the females from District 1...!" Sophianna cheers.

They start with Janelle. She pulls off a 10. Jaynin gets an 8. Kaine gets a 10. Laurie, a 9. I tune out until they get to Sophie's little friend, who's name is Celeste. She pulls off a 6. They get to Coyote. She gets an impressive 8. Then it's Sophie's other friend Bianca. She gets a 6 also. Serena-Kendra now. She gets a 9. I tune out until they get to District 11 and Poppy who gets a 7. Now it's us. "Sophianna, I heard that the District 12 scored unusualy high this year. Is that true?" Asks Raihlen. "Well the scores are confidential Raihlen, but it must be true!" Sophieanna laughs.

"Let's do the boys first..." Smiles Raihlen. "And Broden Wright, a score of 8." Pats and encouragment directed to the little 15 year old sitting beside Sophie. "Next Jamie Brighton with a score of 10." I smile and tell him "Nice job brainless." Eyelah laughs a waterlogged laugh at my new nickname for Jamie. Compliments to the boy beside me. "And Sophie Lisbeth, an impressive score of 9!"

I hug the ten year old beside me. "Nice job Sophie." More compliments to Sophie.

"Last but not least Faith Erin, a score of... Sophianna is-is this right? Is it a typo?" Raihlen asks. "The scores are printed on a high tech machine, I don't think so." Sophianna says. "Well then. Faith Erin a score of..."

"... Twelve"

No words. No actions. None of them needed. For once in history, all of Panem is silent.

Everyone looks at me. My eyes are fixated on the TV. Every one gets up and leaves. I stay on the couch. I turn off the TV. I fall asleep.

I dream about everybody killing me because I'm now a perpetual threat.

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