The Flames of the Next Girl on Fire #2

"Leader of the leaders" I think to myself as Bailey escorts me to the chariot. I see my district partners stare at me in awe. Sophie is wearing the same material dress as my cape. She smiles at me. She has a pearl head band, and her hair is braided and strung with pearls, and yellow, red, orange, turquoise, blue, purple and black jewels. Jamie and Broden are wearing outfits of the same material as my jacket, and they look like mine. "Where's your fire brainless?" I ask Jamie. "Here." He says and points to his jacket and puts his hand in his pocket. He has a cape of fire. It's not fake. It's real fire. Broden has it too.

"Get on the Chariot!" Bailey ushers. Triss shows up and puts us in our position. Sophie, Jamie and Broden stand n a line behind me. I stand on a little elevated platform in front of them. There's a little step to get on the platform. Triss tells me to stand on that, and when out chariot goes out clink my heels together before stepping onto the platform. Triss hops off before we're jerked forwards. The crowd starts cheering madly. The districts go out slowly. My district finally goes out. I tap my heels and step on the platform. The crowd cheers as if they're all deaf and can't hear how loud they are. Flowers are flying and I catch one. The crowd goes wild.

We stopped the chariots in a large platform. President Snow gives her usual speech."Welcome welcome, blah blah blah, so on and so on."

For a moment I feel a chill go up my spine as her cold silver eyes fixate on mine.

When she's done her speech we all leave and go back to our rooms. I'm too tired to take off my costume, but do anyway. I put on my usual pajamas. I fall asleep immediatly. I dream about training.

The next morning I wake up and find a forest green tanktop and black short shorts on my doorknob. I guess that's my training outfit.

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