Tugging on the Spider's string

"Faith Erin to all teams. Over." I yell angrily into my walkie talkie, "Over" answer all the leaders. "Does everyone have their flare gun? Over." "Yes. Over" "Shoot a flare into the air. We're letting hell lose." "Copy." Kaine yells for all of the teams. Two seconds later, flares explode in the air. All hell breaks loose. Just like I said it would. I start running. Capitol forces have noticed us. About five pods go off and the Capitol forces lose about half their squadron.

I see a building with a whole bunch of Capitol forces in it. Before they can exit the building, I kill most of their squadron when I shoot and explosive arrow at the building.

I miss a pod and accidentaly set it off. A huge pit opens in the middle of the street. I trip off the edge and start falling. Jamie grabs my hand before I die though. There's a pulling sensation. The pit begins to pull Jamie and I in. Jamie is struggling to keep me and himself up. He pulls andI flip over the top. My face slides on the cement, leaving a big, red scrape across my face. My hands are tingling and bleeding. I hear groans and cries of pain as many people are thrown out of the pit. I see Jamie lying on the ground. I inch my way over to him usin g the parts of my body thet aren't hurt.

"Faith." He mutters. I'm there just when he attempts to flop over. I put my hand on his hand, and look at his big blue eyes. "I'm here." I barely manage the words I can see the president's house in the distance.

I get up on my good knee, I think I fractured the other one. Jamie gets up. I begin to walk. I take a step on my bad knee, and scream out in pain, apparently I did much worse than fracturing it. Jamie puts my arm around his shoulders. We walk slowly. The pain is almost too unbearable now.

Some one sets of a pod. A Capitol army man takes out his spear and almost stabs us. We get out of the pids range, but he is not so lucky. I watch in horror as he seemingly melts.

jamie and I continue walking. I still have time to kill some army men before I collapse on the president's mansion.

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