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This page details rules relating to content on the wiki.

Content Rating Edit

Information pages on this wiki must remain from using curse words or substantial profanity. Pages that violate this will be given a warning and eventually deleted if they are not fixed.

Stories are permitted to have cursing, violence, etc. as long as it is not overly explicit and does not detail profanity to an inappropriate level. Stories must be rated according to their level of maturity. The ratings of stories are somewhat similar to movie ratings, and are as follows:

  • G: Content is appropriate for all ages of users. No cursing, profanity, or strong violence is used.
  • PG: Content is appropriate for most ages. May contain some mildly explicit content.
  • PG-13: Moderate amounts of explicit language or themes are used. Not recommended for users under 13 years old.

Types of Content Edit

The Hunger Games Wiki is a place for fanfiction and fanon articles relating to ideas or stories created by users. Normal users (that is, users with no sysop powers) are allowed to create stories, personal blogs, and articles relating to anything that is of their own fanon creation (characters, weapons, locations within Panem, etc).

All content on the Hunger Games Fanon Wiki must be relating to the Hunger Games (with the exception of personal blogs). Any content that is part of the official Hunger Games storyline should be written on this wiki.

Users also cannot write guides, policies or rules, canon articles, or spam on pages. These pages will be deleted. If you wish to write a guide, it must be done on a personal blog or in your user namespace.

Anonymous Page Creation Edit

Although it is possible for logged-out users to edit pages on the Hunger Games Fanon Wiki, it is not recommended. If a logged-out or anonymous user creates a page, they must log in/create an account and claim the page. If the page is not claimed by its logged-in creator within seven days, the page will be deleted. To prevent fanon deletion, we ask that users log in or create an account to experience the wiki.

Plagiarism Edit

Stealing or plagiarizing other users' direct ideas on the wiki as well as external sites is prohibited. However, uers may ask permission from others if they wish to borrow certain concepts or ideas on for their work.

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