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The Great Games is a series of fan-fictional books, written by user HG Tribute, about alternatives of the post-events of the canonical Hunger Games trilogy. It also includes stories from different versions of the alternate universe, even normal fan fictions.

The alternates begin when Katniss, Peeta and the rebels were reaped for the 75th Hunger Games, the Third Quarter Quell. The stories start from there. During the Games, different tributes were killed and different tributes survived; the 'materials' are different from the original story.

The books are actually named after their Games, most of them actually.


76th Hunger GamesEdit

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78th Hunger GamesEdit

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The 75thEdit

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Second Quarter QuellEdit

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Characters (All)Edit


Mags Cohen 4 Deceased 9th 80 14 She made fishhooks out of simple materials and lived off of non-poisonous nuts
Woof Casino 8 Deceased 17th 75 He hid during his entire Games
Seeder 11 Deceased 33rd 60 She lasted the longest without food
Beetee Latier 3 Deceased 35th 57 He survived until one point where he set-up an electrical trap he used to fry the six remaining Careers
Wiress 3 Deceased 38th 53 She used her quick observations to avoid other tributes and traps by Gamemakers
Chaff 11 Deceased 45th 46 He was very strong and fast. Chaff used his bare fists to defeat other tributes until the third quarter of his Games where he used a machete
District 5 male 5 Deceased 47th 46 He used his agility and buffness to beat other tributes behind their backs with his signature weapon, the spear
Brutus 2 Deceased 48th Brutus was a brutal Career and used a spear to fight other tributes single-handedly. He speared other people's backs, either when they're looking or not
Haymitch Abernathy 12 Deceased 50th 41 16 Haymitch was strong and handsome and allied with his district partner. During the finale, he tricked the District 1 girl to fling her axe into the forcefield, which bounced back into her head later
Marian Green 9 Deceased 51st 42 She was very skilled with a knife
Blight 7 Deceased 52nd 41 Blight earned a battleaxe at the Cornucopia and used it to kill some other tributes and wiped-out three Careers in the finale
Daniel Bernhardt 9 Deceased 53rd 38 He was brutal and strong. Daniel was very skilled with a sword, a knife even a spear
Male morphling 6 Deceased 56th 37 He camouflaged himself with the paint he found at the Cornucopia along with a knife. He killed one tribute while he hid during the whole Games
District 5 female 5 Deceased 57th 33 She used a knife to kill three tributes during the Cornucopia bloodbath and hid for the rest of the Games
Cecelia Sanchez 8 Deceased 58th 34 She threw throwing knives into people's throats
District 10 male 10 Deceased 59th 33 He had great skills with a sword
Female morphling 6 Deceased 60th 31 She used camouflage after earning some paint and a blowgun with 18 darts. During the Games, she poisoned the darts and used them to kill three tributes
Lyme 2 Deceased 61st She was a beautiful Career skilled with a knife and fought single-handedly and killed the whole Career pack
Enobaria 2 Deceased 62nd She was a fierce Career. She used her teeth to rip out the throat of the District 1 boy
Gloss 1 Deceased 63rd 27 Gloss was known as a handsome Career who's very skilled with weapons, especially swords. He wiped out all the other Careers during the early start of his Games and went to fight alone
Cashmere 1 Deceased 64th 27 Beautiful female Career who earned a number of sponsors. She used her great skills in using a knife to kill other tributes. Long after joining the Career pack, she finally took down her allies
Finnick Odair 4 Deceased 65th 25 14 He was a charming and very strong Career. He earned a trident as a sponsor and used it along with nets made out of vines to trap then kill his remaining opponents after a week in
District  6 male 6 Deceased 66th 31 He scavenged the bones of the animals he hunted and used them as armor and weapons
District 10 female 10 Deceased 68th 25 She used and axe and later a spear. The female survived long in the arena thanks to her vast knowledge on medicinal herbs
District 5 male 5 Deceased 69th 22 He scored a 3 for his private session. But later in the arena, he overcame all the Careers and killed many other tributes
Annie Cresta 4 Deceased 70th Annie teamed-up with the Career pack and her district partner who was eventually beheaded. During a huge flood in the arena, she survived for being the strongest swimmer of all
Johanna Mason 7 Deceased 71st 21 She acted as a weak little girl. In the Games, she buried her axe into other people's faces
Katniss Everdeen 12 Deceased 74th 17 16 Katniss was very great in hunting and had survival skills. She used a bow in the arena and allied with some other tributes including her district partner. Finally, she and her district partner threatened the Gamemakers to commit suicide
Peeta Mellark 12 Deceased 74th 17 16 He was very good with camouflages and was able to lift heavy weights. He joined the Career pack and later allied with her. During the finale, him and his district partner threatened the Gamemakers to commit suicide
Denni Neuverman 12 Deceased 76th, First Deathly Duels, 80th, 81st, 95th 37 Denni had very good survival skills and was pretty resourceful. He was able to make shelter out of just leaves and branches and was good in hiding from other tributes. Other than that, he was great with a sword and had skills with other weapons too.
District 4 male 4 Deceased 77th He was a very excellent swimmer and great with a trident. This boy was also ablet to make good traps

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