The Drive
What do you have when you have no hope?




No Hope

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Chapter 1 of No Hope. This chapter is from Velma Ready's POV.

The DriveEdit

The sun begins to set and the shadow of Infinity Tower is cast over the city. Bright neon lights from the city shine and music from various clubs begin to play. I walk down the street to Victory Park, where my friends wanted to meet me, and sit down by the statue of Katniss Everdeen.

"You're always late Velma!" Miley complains as she flips her blond hair.

"Oh, my dear sister, don't you know she was only trying to be fashionably late?" Miley's brother, George taunts. I roll my eyes at the Gold siblings as they start to laugh.

"Don't be so harsh guys. It's not her fault Velma is too lazy to buy a watch. Its in her DNA," My other friend, Bliss chimes.

"Oh shut up! Why are you focusing on me when Syr, Sam, Cytosine and Addie aren't even here yet!" I counter. "You know, she has a point..." The youngest member of my group of friends, Spring says.

A large amount of laughter emits from around the corner and I know my other friends are coming.

They round the corner, Addie front and center, circled by her guy possie. Syr runs up and gives his girlfriend, Bliss, a kiss. "Sorry we're late, Addie dropped her purse," Syr says as he looks at Addie.

Addie groans,"Who cares?! Miley, where's this chick you wanted us to meet?" Addie says as she applies a fresh coat of lipstick.

"She has a name you know, Mimli, come on out!" Miley says. This girl, who must be Mimli, appears from behind the Katniss statue. I take her in, purple, purple, purple. All over.

"Hey guys! I'm Mimli, and boy are you going to love me!" She says with a strong accent. She must have Capitol ancestors, a few of them managed to move here, District 3, before the Capitol was turned into a industrail area.

"Mimli here is filthy stinking rich! She says she'll let us drive her parents fancy hovercars outside the District tommorrow!" Miley exclaims. I smile. Hovercars have just recently been invented and only the extremly wealthy own them.

"I call dibs on driving!" Sam shouts. All the guys groan. "Don't worry, we have plenty of hovercars, 3 to be exact," Mimli says with a smug smile on her face.

Addie's jaw literly drops to the floor as Sam and Cytosine run up to Mimli. normally they never leave her side. Addie storms off in anger, muttering something about wanting to stab someone.

I shrug this off, Addie is used to being the popular girl. George sprints after Addie and Miley rolls her eyes,"Anyways, we meet here tommorrow, Mimli will have the cars," Miley says.

Spring and I walk back to our houses together,"Velma... Somethimes do you worry about Addie... She has, anger management I think..." Spring asks. I laugh,"Oh please, Addie is just kind of...,"I drop my voice low,"... a diva... Sometimes...". Spring nods in understandment. I wanted to call Addie something worse but, Spring's only twelve.

"WOW!" I scream when I see the shiny hovercrafts parked outside Liberty Park. George is already in one of the driver's seats with Addie by his side. Cytosine and Sam are talking with Mimli and Miley's on the phone.

"I know right?" Mimli responds. Spring sprints past me and jumps into the backseat of an empty one. People who are alking down the street stop and stare. I climb into a seat next to Spring. Pretty soon, Bliss and Syr walk up hand in hand, laughing. Bliss has a flower in her hand, no doubt Syr gave it to her. I sigh, the two make such a good couple.

Mimli gets into the driver seat in the car I'm in and Sam slides into shotgun. Miley slides into the car with Cytosine, Bliss and Syr.

Mimli starts the car and were off. We speed through the streets that are clogged with cars. Everyone looks up in awe. While George and Cytosine's driving skills are questionable, Mimli handles her hovercar like a dream. Each turn is perfectly executed and the speed just right.

Soon we pass the city limits and enter the desert that suround the District. We pass sand dune after sand dune. At one point Sam puts his hand on Mimli's leg but Spring smakcs it off,"No harassing the driver!" mimli and I burst out laughing while Sam turns a bright red.

I stare off into the distance, looking at the brihgt sun gleaming down on us when something cathces my eye.

"What's that black thing, just over the horizon?" I ask. Mimli whips her head to the side,"I don't know, let's go check it out!" She signals the others to follow.

The small black speck soon turns itno a massive structure.

"Looks like... An old arena!" Mimli shouts. She slows the hovercar down as we approach.

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