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The Capitol Knows
Shadow love
"I'm desperately in love with you and I know you are to."

Written By:

Mikalmt and Rose Hathaway


Romance, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort


1 (so far)

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Grace Falling, a pampered, tomboyish Capitol girl, meets Zac Jones, a young man from District One (who is is currently living in the streets of the Capitol) on a most unexpected day. After befriending and saving each other's lives many times, Grace starts to fall in an forbidden love with Zac. Will this love last?


Main CharactersEdit

Grace Falling: A sixteen-year old Capitol tomboy who hates living in the Capitol, she meets Zac Jones, falls in love, and plans to run away with him. She usually highlights her blonde hair with neon pink, dark purple, or sky blue and wears punk or girly clothes. Her point of views are written by Mikalmt.

Zac Jones: A seventeen-year old handsome, young man from District One who ran away after a group of Peacekeepers attacked their District and killed his whole family. He falls in love with Grace Falling and plans to run away with her. He has dark, choclatey, curly brown hair, sea-green eyes, and a muscualar body. His point of views are written by Mikalmt.

Matthias Zephyrus: The handsome, rich boy Grace's parents want her to marry and he is so far in love with her that he'll do anything it takes just to get her to be his. When Grace and Zac start secretly meeting, he reports them to the Peacekeepers which causes them to run away. He has whitish-blonde hair, snake-like green eyes, and pale skin. His point of views are written by Mikalmt.

Thalia Jones: Find out in Chapter Two~


Chapter One: DrowningEdit

Summary: After accidently almost missing her mom's meeting, Grace finds a hidden spot next to a river that runs through the Capitol and almost drowns. Zac, a homeless young man from District One, finds her and saves her life. After getting to know each other, Grace starts to fall in love with him. Is this the start of doomed love or a simple friendship?

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