The Arrival
What do you have when you have No Hope?




No Hope

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Chapter 2 of No Hope The cahpter will be from many POVs.

The ArrivalEdit

Velma Ready's POV

The hovercraft comes to a halt and I get out. "What the heck? I thoguht they destroied all the arenas?" George asks. Syr wraps his arm around Bliss. This place gives off a werid feeling. Addie grabs Cytosine in attempts to bring him over to her but he walks over to Mimli. Spring scoots closer to me.

"My grandfather, who used to be a gamemaker..." Mimli starts.

"Your Gradnfather was a gamemaker! I knew there was something wrong with you!" Addie exclaims/interupts.

Mimli glares at her and continues,"He told me that there was an arena, one long forgotten, that still mey remain." We all fall silent at this news.

Mimli turns and looks at us,"Do you guys wanna go in or not?"


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