This entire story is in Annabel Mar's perspective. Hope you like it!

The ReapingEdit

I wake up and glance at the calendar on the wall. Reaping day. I've been entered four times, including one tesserae, so my chances aren't high. I put on a waterproof locket that I got from my mother a long time ago, with pictures of my family and Blu, my boyfriend. Just in case. I dress and walk to Blu's house. He saved my sister from drowning about a year ago and we've been dating ever since. He answers and kisses my forehead. "Morning Bel." That's what everyone calls me, since Annabel is a mouthful. " Do you have a token? Just in case?" I ask. The very idea of losing Blu in the Hunger Games makes me nauseous. "Yep," he replies cooly, but I can tell that he's nervous, just like everyone else in District 4. "Come on, I think the reapings are gonna start soon." He grabs my hand and we walk to the square. We get to the square just in time for the reapings. Our escort, Alegra Fawning,in a blindingly bright pink dress and tall green stilleto heels, is talking to the mayor, who looks like he wants these reapings to end. That's entirely normal. Who would be excited about sending innocent children to their deaths? The mayor walks up to a podium on the stage and begins his speech "Welcome, citizens of District 4, to the reapings for the 73rd Hunger Games." He then starts to drone on about the Dark Days and all that stuff. I just pray that nobody I love will be reaped. Even if we are a usual Career district, I'm not trained to kill anybody. Ever. The mayor finally finishes and Alegra hobbles up to the stand. "Welcome, welcome, welcome, District 4, to the reapings of the 73rd Hunger Games!" she says in a high pitched Capitol accent. Ugh, I wonder what goes on in her head. "It's time to pick this year's tributes! And the female tribute is..." she says, walking over to the girls jar. "Lily Mar!" She had just said her name when I yell "I volunteer!" and run up to the stage.

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