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The Arena

The 72nd Hunger Gameswas the first games that Seneca Crane was head game maker in. The victor was a girl from Distric 6 named Laya Pitterodi who used her wits and knife skills to win the game


District 1Edit

  • Male-Baize( 18)
  • Female- Gleam (16)

District 2Edit

  • Male- Jax(15)
  • Female-Miken(16)

District 3Edit

  • Male- Comp(18)
  • Female-Telly ( 13)

District 4Edit

  • Male- Duncan More(15)
  • Female- Mikky ( 18)

District 5Edit

  • Male- Dinnen(18)
  • Female- Trisha (14)

District 6Edit

  • Male- Trent Frock (17)
  • Female- Layla Pitterodi (17) -Victor-

District 7Edit

  • Male-
  • Female-

District 8Edit

  • Male- Ader(17)
  • Female-Tyer (15)

District 9Edit

  • Male-
  • Female-

District 10Edit

  • Male-
  • Female-

District 11Edit

  • Male-
  • Female-

District 12Edit

  • male-
  • female-


  • The first person to die was the girl from 5, Trisha
  • The Victor had alliances with The boy from 8, Ader and the two from 10 however the girl from 10 died the second day and the boy fom 8, Ader sacrificed himself to ave Layla who he had grown close to.
  • Caesar Flickermen had bright orange hair.

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