Arena Edit

The Arena was a ice cold mountain range

Tributes Edit

Name District Training score weapons

Twist 1 10 Knives, Sword, Battle axe
Liliana 1 8 Spear
Forester 2 9 Strength
Cassie 2 7 Camouflage, Knives
Tray 3 8 Mines
Scout 3 5 None
Hunter 4 7 Spear, Bow & arrow
Clea 4 8 Knives
Jacksyn 5 5 Stealth
Jade 5 6 None
Luke 6 8 Battle Axe
Unnamed tirbute 6 5 None
Unnamed tribute 7 5 None
Unnamed tribute 7 6 None
Danniel 8 7 None
Sarah 8 7 Spears
Unnamed tribute 9 5 None
Unnamed tribute 9 5 None
Hawk 10 7 Sword
Unnamed tribute 10 5 None
Unnamed tribute 11 6 None
Unnamed tribute 11 7 None
Fern 12 5 spear
Ash 12 8 Sword, Stealth

Events Edit

Day 1 The timer goes off. All the tributes except Jacksyn run to the Cornucopia. Lilaina sees him and throws a spear it hits him in the leg. He goes down and Forester kills him. Twist kills Danniel with an Axe. Clea cuts Scout's throat killing her instantly. Ash sneaks into the Cornucopia and steals a sword and watches in horror as her District partner is killed by Hunter. Luke slashes the District 10 female as he runs with a backpack. Cassie picks up a knives and runs off into the mountains. Distracted Forester is killed by Ash. Seeing this the careers run in horror as they see their leader dead. While running Hunter manages to spear the Female tribute from 6. The canon fires 7 times.

Dead: Jacksyn. Danniel. Scout. District 12 male. Forester. District 6 female. Disrtict 10 female.

Day 2

The distric 7 male is setting up camp when he notcies some strange commotion. He sees nothing and turns around when Cassie cuts his leg and stabs him in the back. Twist fights Ash picks her up and tosses her over the mountain. 

Dead: District 7 male. Ash.

Day 3

Hunter, Hawk and Clea make an allaince. No deaths.

Day 4

Polar bear mutts are released into the arena. They kill all tributes at the cornucopia

Dead:Luke. Clea. Sarah. District 11 male. District 11 female.  District 9 female

Tray sets of explosion with the mines he got in the cornucopia. This makes an avalanche causing major destruction including tearing the cornucopia.

Dead: Liliana. Jade. Hawk. Hunter. District 7 Female. District 5 male. District 9 male.

Day 5

The feast begins. Cassie ambushes Tray in the cornucopia, in a battle Tray is killed.

Dead: Tray.

Day 6

In the final two Cassie and Twist fight but she slips on the ice and falls down the mountain.

Dead: Cassie. 

Victor: Twist

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