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The 47th Annual Hunger Games
Event information


Rocky Mountain Range, Panem


Standard rules


Woodlands, grasslands, and a lake


Mockingjays and tracker jackers

Participant information

District 1 male

Acacius Legate

District 1 female

Freyja Sejdi

District 2 male

Red Atkey

District 2 female

Serrice Ashdown

District 3 female

Iona Fikiss

District 4 male

Breacher Agu

District 4 female

Sari Stoker

District 5 male

Strength Conway

District 5 female

Tamlin Sierra

District 6 male

Matthias Walker

District 6 female

Swiftess Loring

District 7 male

Beetle Malory

District 7 female

Serenity Reagan

District 8 male

Corbin Cyrus

District 8 female

Tabby Kat

District 9 male

Thane Cogburn

District 10 male

Dante Suits

Chronological information

Preceded by

The 46th Annual Hunger Games

Starting date

April 5, 2286

Ending date

April 8, 2286

Followed by

The 48th Annual Hunger Games


The 47th Annual Hunger Games was a Hunger Games tournament held in 2286. Like most of the other games, twenty-four children and teenagers were pitted against each other, however, only one could emerge the victor.

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