District 1 [ Place Name Killed by

Male: Cong[ 24th Grove Mike

Female: Suzun [ 23rd Go Cong

District 2 [ 22nd Taka Cong

Male: Cono [ 21st Bec Cono

Female: Taka [ 20th Zo Cono

District 3 [ 19th Jack Kate

Male: Mike [ 18th Ta Cong

Female: Kate [ 17th Hu Cong

District 4 [ 16th Madison Cong

Male: Ta [ 15th Von Mike

Female: Go [ 14th Pomagranit Cong

District 5 [ 13th Dylan Cen

Male: Grove [ 12th Cen Tyrone

Female: Sugon [ 11th Don Mutant spider

District 6 [ Mutant Spider Tyrone

Male: Jack [ 10th Sugon Pat

Female: Von [ 9th Suzun Pat

District 7 [ 8th Cono Mike

Male: Pat [ 7th Vein Cong

District 8 [ 5th Tyrone Cong

Male: Don [ 4th Zig Mike

Female: Hu [ 3rd Kate Cong

District 9 [ 2nd Cong Mike

Male: Dylan [ 1st Mike No one

Female: Zo

District 10

Male: Cen

Female: Madison

District 11

Male: Tyrone

Female: Pomagranit

District 12

Male: Zig

Female: Bec



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