Arena Edit

The arena was a swamp. With all kinds of dangers such as deadly snakes.

Name District Weapons Place

Lea 1 Stealth, knife 5 Killed by snakes
Crest 1 Sword, Scythe 4 killed by snakes
Tristana 2 Spear 2 Killed by snakes
Ian 2 Axe 3 Killed by snakes
Alex 3 None 8 falls out of tree into career camp
Trixie 3 None 24 dies during bloodbath
Unnamed tribute 4 Sword 6 Killed by snakes
Dante 4 Axe 7 Killed by snakes
Thomas 5 Spear, traps victor Victor
Scout 5 None 23 dies during bloodbath
Russel 6 Sword, Axe 19
Unnamed tribute 7 None 22 Dies during blood bath
Unnamed tribute 7 None 17 Dies during bloodbath
Lincoln 8 Bow & arrow Eaten by crocodiles
Unnamed tribute 8 None 20
unnamed tribute 9

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