This is the story of the 21st Annual Hunger Games, or atleast how I picture it. Please Note that I will not be making a full list of Tributes, I'll only include important one's names. Thank you!

The GamesEdit

(Here, I'll be writing as if I'm Cesar Flickerman)

Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, in a matter of 60 seconds, the 21st Annual Hunger Games begin!!

  • Gong goes off*

And here goes the bloodbath... OUCH! Now that has got to hurt, there goes the Female District 12 Tribute! Now, if you notice, the Careers have already become united! There they go, killing left AND right!

(The point of view will now change to that of Septimus Dunbyll, the Male District 11 Tribute)

The gong sounds, and I run as fast as I can towards the sword I'd been eyeing since I emerged into this Arena. But i notice that a Career, who's already got throwing knives, is coming my way. I don't lose hope though, because It looks as if I'm closer.

I reach out to grab when a knife suddenly whips past my face. "Don't. You. Dare." shouts the boy, knife in hand. "Lemme have it, and you won't die." As legitamite as it sounds, I don't listen and grab the sword to find a knife in my arm. As I run off with the sword, he yells "It ain't over 11! I'll get that sword. Just you wait." Not only have I already been injured, I've also got a grudge being held.


What a bloodbath, what a blood bath indeed.

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