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The Capitol

I'm on the train now, sitting at the couch beside our mentor Dana. He's talking about what he did in the Dark Days. I don't find it interesting, but Eja's laughing every time Dana explains how he killed someone.

I go over to the food and grab and apple. I sit at the table. Eja walks past me as I get up, and pulls my ponytail. I punch him in the face. I gave him a bloody nose. "Is that all you got Adelaide?" He asks rubbing his nose. "Want more?" I ask holding up my fist. Jewel trots over, "Okay that's quite enough from you two." She says to us. I go to my cabin and sleep.

The next morning Dana wakes me up. He tells me we will be in the Capitol in two days time, and to get ready and come eat. I get up and take a quick shower. The shower is miraculous with all it's jets and soaps. It even dries me off. I brush my hair and put on a red-orange t-shirt, some jeans and black flats. I run out to the table and no-one is there but Dana, Jewel and a couple of Avoxes to wait on us. I sit down beside Dana and wait for Eja like the rest of them.

Eja finally walks in and sits down. Avoxes bring plates of food and place them on the table. Jewel takes them like a little princess, tiny bits at a time. I take few things as I'm not hungry. I take some toast with butter, goat cheese, oranges, papaya, avocado, starfruit and dragon fruit for my fruits. I also take some pale purple melon that I've never seen before. Roast chesnuts, and cashews with rosemary and brown sugar also go on my plate. I pick up my fork and stab a piece of papaya. I'm about to put it in my mouth when Eja starts scarfing down all his food with his hands. When he's done he gets up and leaves. I eat my breakfast without further interuption.

At the end of the day, we go full speed and are in the Capitol when I wake up in the morning. I wave at the people viewing the train coming in. Eja tries to be charming, it's working for them, but not for me.

It will never work for me.

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