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Black rose

Pay Attention to Me

"Ouch!" I complain as a member of my prep team, Esperanza, waxes my legs. "I'm done relax sweetheart!" Esperanza is relativley normal except for her neon green hair with sparkly blue and yellow highlights, long fingernails painted in rainbow colours and sparkly gold makeup. She pats my leg. Lulu, one of my other prep team members, starts to cut unbrushable clumps out of my hair. Lulu's incredibly long pink and blue hair gets in my face. The male member of my prep team Tam, is washing my feet. Soon I am done and I get to meet my stylist.

Guinevere is normal-ish, she has beautiful black hair with sky blue highlights. Her eyes are and unusual colour of purple. She's young, probably her early twenties.

"Hi Adelaide. How are you?" She smiles. "Hi I'm fine thanks." "So Adelaide, my fellow stylist and I want you to make an impression. A truly electrified look that really makes and impact on the people viewing. Something that gets you sponsors. A lot of sponsors. M'kay?" Her purple eyes sparkle. "Okay." I say. Guinevere takes multiple measurements, and finnaly asks me if it's fine if I leave until later. I skip out happily and go eat lunch.

I take some honey-mustard chicken, potato salad and lamb stew. Esperanza, Lulu and Tam are there, as well as Eja's team, Tamora, Tamara and Tara, Eja says their triplets.

When lunch is finished, I go about my day as I would in District 3. After supper, I go back to Guinevere who gives me my outfit. It's a simple long, black ball gown. I put it on. It begins to spark and make visible electric currents that shoot everywhere around my dress. The dress is Roman-Style. I love it immediately.

When Chariot Rides come, Eja is wearing and outfit similar to mine. I step in the chariot and my dress sparks. I feel the side of my head warm up as the black rose that Lulu put in that sparks. Sparks fly around me as I smile and wave to the crowd. Eja's using his "charm" to woo the ladies into sponsoring him. Our chariot stops and the president gives his speech.

When the speech is done, all the tributes leave. I go to my room and just sleep. The next morning, training starts.

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