Shed no Tears

When I get to a room in the Capitol, a bunch of people are cleaning me off, brushing my hair, just getting rid of all the evidence that I was ever in the Hunger Games.

Lulu comes over and gives me a hug. I notice her hair isn't pink anymore. My prep team is here but they're not dressed like freaks!

Lulu's hair is acctualy a really nice copper red, Tam's hair is blonde like mine, Esperanza's hair is a nice light brown. Esperanza and Lulu are wearing matching dresses, just one is balck the other is white. They're long ball gowns, really fancy, and Tam is wearing dressy clothes, as today is my coronation as victor.

My dress for the coronation is a long navy blue dress with tanktop sleeves. It has a pattern made of rubies and black gems. My one for the interview after is a long red dress with a pattern of diamonds.

I really don't feel like talking.

The coronation goes well, nothing weird happens.

The interview is okay too.

My favourite part is getting on the hover craft and going home. I wear a simple outfit, skinny jeans, a pink knee-length sleeveless top and a white dressy jacket, I go home and there's a large group of people standing there. Peacekeepers usher them away as I make my way to my new house in Victor's Village.

I walk in and a man is sitting on the couch.

"Addie." He says. He gets up

I hug my dad.

I want to stay with him forever.

I will mentor next years tributes to be exactly like him; The one with skills.

Love is all I need for my life to be good.

And that's what I have.

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