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The 13th Hunger Games

Main Protagonist

Adelaide McKenna

Important Characters

Jewel Linnete, Eja Cunnins, Dana Rul

Creator and Editor



District 3 hasn't had a victor yet. Adelaide McKenna wants to change that. When she gets reaped, she's overcome with nervousness. But the male tribute gets rid of all of her fear. The male tribute is Eja Cunnins. Eja and Adelaide are bitter enemies, and now's their chance to finnaly get rid of the other one.

Main CharactersEdit

Adelaide McKenna – The female tribute for District 3, Adelaide wants to bring pride to her district by being the first District 3 Victor. She lives with her dad in District 3 in a small house. Adelaide has blonde hair, light green eyes and a fair complexion. Her mother died when she was very young. Adelaide's token is a headband worn by her mother, though she found a way to sneak her copper wire into the arena. She is 17 years old and loves being in nature. She is bitter enemies with Eja Cunnins, the mayor's son. Her father often calls her "Addie". She signed up for many tesserae to feed her father and some of the poorest people in District 3. She has plans to move to District 2 when she gets older.

Eja Cunnins – The male tribute for District 3. Eja is the mayor's son. He is 18 years old and hates Adelaide McKenna. He has one sister Selena. His token is a turquoise rock he found on the ground near his house. He signed up for 1 tessera. He often teases his sister, for he is not a kind spirit. He wants to win so he can come back and be mayor when his father dies. He is ccruel and heartless and his strategy for the games is to kill whoever blocks his path, especially Adelaide.

Jewel Linnete – The escort for District 3. Jewel dresses like a Capitol person, mostly in rose coloured clothing. Jewel lives with her husband and daughter, Mike and Della. Jewel loves tributes and always tries to make them welcome on the train and in the Capitol. This year, Jewel specificaly likes Adelaide.

Dana Rul – Dana is the mentor for District 3. Though not a victor, Dana was a very experienced fighter in the Dark Days, and says he will teach the tributes well, though none of his tributes have acctually won yet. He lives in District 3 with his wife, Mari, son and daughter, Celesta and Karl.

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