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Creator: Rainstorm239
Age 13
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height Tall
Fate Alive
Song Lopez is a thirteen-year-old girl from District 11 whose sister Dove volunteered for in the Games.

Appearance Edit

Song has very long curly dark hair and big brown eyes. She is tall for thirteen. She is slender and skinny, and her eyebrows are dark and straight. Her cheekbones are low, and her face always looks pale and paper-white.

Personality Edit

Song loves to sing. She can play many different instruments, and her greatest joy is music. She is not athletic or limber, but she is very smart. She knows every district, what they produce, and all of their victors. She is very mellow and calm, but she cries easily. She likes going outside, feeling the wind in her hair, and repeating birdsongs in whistles.

Relationships Edit

Dove Lopez Edit

Dove is Song's best friend, her sole confidant, and her favorite person in the world. Song always looks up to Dove, and they love going outside and singing to each other. They found a mockingjay once and named it Forte. They feed the mockingjay, and it comes to their garden every morning.

Cassia Snow Edit

Cassia Snow is President Snow's granddaughter. She and Song are good friends. In fact, when the president has to run the Games, Cassia stays with Dove, Song, and their mother.

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