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Shot needles are dart-like shots, usually filled with any form of liquid or gas. Shot needles can also be filled with other fluids. The only known wielder of these weapons is Rimacy, a female Tribute from District 7.



In hospitals, shot needles are composed of a plunge, which fits tightly in a tube, that can be pulled or pushed to take in and expel any kind of liquid or gas. They resemble a small pump. The open end of the tube may be fitted with a needle or tubing. In special cases, a nozzle can also be attached to the open end. These needles are manually operated.

63rd Hunger GamesEdit

In the arena of the 63rd Hunger Games, the shot needles found inside the Cornucopia have a longer needle, reaching four inches. However, their tubes are smaller than those used in hospitals and could only contain one to two millimeters. These needles are automatic and could inject their contained substance through the veins of the target, due to the needles' microscopic sensors. Usually, Rimacy fills the shots with a special chemical that induces excruciating pain that can knock out the target, or even kill him/her.

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