Selena Mellark.

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Selena MellarkEdit

Selena is the daughter of Clarissa Everdeen and Kenneth Mellark.

Story of SelenaEdit

Selena was born on September 11th 3010. After her mother giving birth to her, Clarissa almost died. She is on district 12 alongside with her future husband Daniel Hawthorne.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Selena is always described as a charming person. Bronze hair, chocolate brown eyes, pale skin, slim jawline, heart shaped face and beautiful from what she inherited from her parents, she is the most attrative person in the whole district.


Selena's personality is always described as charming, polite, careful, brave, intelligent and kind. She would do anything for her family especially Daniel. 


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Selena's description.


Daniel and Selena.


Clarissa, Selena, Ken and Daniel.

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