This article belongs to user HGT (If any unpermitted edits were done by different users, actions shall be done) During the creation of the Hunger Games, the Capitol had secretly planned a massive version of the Games that takes place every 25 years into the Games. It was called the Quarter Quell. As a celebration of the Quells, there will be a slight change of rules, which were written by the Games' creators, being prepared for hundreds of Games. This story shows the fan-fictional events of the Second Quarter Quell imagined by HGT.


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The four tributes of District 12 were Haymitch Abernathy, Maysilee Donner and a pair of unnamed boy and girl.


At the point where 16 year old Haymitch Abernathy got into the arena, all the other tributes who did too were stunned by the beauty of the arena. There was a beautiful sunrise. A pine forest was on Haymitch's right. Birds were chirping and butterflies were fluttering. In the middle of the pool of 48 tributes was a large, silver horn-like structure, the Cornucopia. And surrounding the Cornucopia between it and the tributes was a lovely meadow of beautiful, fragrant flowers. Then, there was a tall snowcapped mountain to Haymitch's west. Haymitch was only raising his eyebrows while focusing on the Cornucopia. The countdown ended, the gong sounded and Haymitch was the only person who struck to the Cornucopia. When he was at the structure, Haymitch grabbed a sword, a blue bag and an axe. He then went straight to the forest. When he was already near some of the tributes, all of them had just started to sprint. Haymitch avoided the tributes nearest to him. And he went on into the forest. Back at the Cornucopia, the bloodbath had just started. At first, a girl from District 1 grabbed a bow. She also took a quiver of arrows and a sharp sword. By this, the male from 3 swung a sword into one of the boys from District 9. The male from 8 was killed by the one from 7, who slashed a sword at his chest.

List of DeathsEdit


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