Sasha Everdeen.

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Sasha EverdeenEdit

Sasha is the third youngest of Katniss' sisters.

Story of SashaEdit

Sasha was born on September 19th 2085 and died on january 24 3099, she is the third youngest of her sisters and she is on district 12. She was killed during the 95th annual hunger games by an unknown male and female district, and also her unknown partner.

Physical description Edit

Sasha is always described as a smart, loving and kind-hearted person. Blonde hair, brown eyes and stands 5'5 tall. She is very beautiful.


Sasha's personality is always described as mature, loving, caring, smart and kind-hearted person. She would do anything for her family, just like her sister Clarissa Everdeen and Katniss.


  • Spear
  • Knife


  • The hunger games fanon.

    Physical description of Sasha.

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