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Creator: Rainstorm239
Age Currently 20 years old
Occupation Victor
Home District 7
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weapon Dagger
Fate Alive

Rowan was a District Seven victor of the forty-second Hunger Games. She is the younger sister of Cinna.

Appearance Edit

Rowan has wavy brown hair and doe brown eyes. She is tall and athletic, with a limber and lithe figure. She has high cheekbones, a pointed chin, a narrow face, and arched eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Rowan is very athletic and graceful. She is a fast runner and climber, and she is very competent with her dagger. She is normally hostile to everyone except those she really trusts. In the Hunger Games, Rowan won because she was cunning and strong. Her weakness is that she worries too much. About what others think of her, what she looks like, and if she seems like a fool or not.

Relationships Edit

Cinna Edit

Cinna and Rowan were very close, but after Rowan was reaped, he disappeared, and later became a stylist in the Games. After his death, Rowan joined the rebellion.

Anise Edit

Anise and Rowan were in the same squad during the second rebellion, and they became very close. When the factory they were at exploded, Rowan thought Anise was dead. She wiped out two squads of Peacekeepers on her own.


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