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Rimacy Axworthy
Age 15 (during the 63rd Hunger Games)
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weapon Shot needles
Spear (poison-tipped)
Fate Unknown
Appearances None
Mentioned None
Portrayed by None

Rimacy Axworthy was the female tribute from District 7 in the 63rd Hunger Games. She was decisive and smart while inside the arena. Rimacy received a currently unknown training score from the Gamemakers.


The GamesEdit





Main article: Shot needles

Rimacy was highly skilled in using and throwing shot needles, a dart-like object usually used in hospitals. However, Rimacy's needles are automatic and could inject their contained substance through the veins of the target, due to the needles' microscopic sensors.



Rimacy had a meek and timid personality. Many other tributes said that she was "really unhinged"; which may be due to her exposure to mercury when she was little, during her jabberjay attack. She really likes to serve others while in the arena. With her mental condition "unhinged", other tributes are scared that she may get wrong in curing them, as Rimacy had most of the medicine from the Cornucopia. Still, Rimacy gains the trust of the Careers.

Physical appearanceEdit


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