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"Reaped" is the first chapter of 48,932nd Hunger Games

"Welcome, welcome", said Trianna Weldon. "To the 48,932nd Hunger Games!"

The voice of Trianna Weldon rings through my head. As I stand in the crowd of thousands of people, Rendon's advices rings through my head... "Remember, you have the advantage." I know I do but... I still don't think I can kill anyone. "But you don't, the others can."

On the stage Mayor Tin got up and told the story of the Dark Days, the Rebellion, destuction of 13. Soon he was moving on to the Second Rebellion and the destruction of Twelve. I was always interested in Katniss Everdeen. Her bravery, relationships and obviously her skills in the Hunger Games. When speaking with the mocking, jays they all look up to her as a god. Strange really. Then Lord President Snow appeared in Holo form. He went on to talk about the executions of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Alma Coin. They were bloody and drawn out. The Capitol still play it on the telivision every night.

And then the reaping.

Trianna Weldon's long blue, green taloned hand reached in the jar with millions of names inside. First she reached inside the jar labeled girls. She pulled out a strip of paper. My heart was in my throat. I looked over at my brother, Jerema. His look said more then a thousand words ever could.

"Ailbe O'Sullivan". My head didn't reister what had just happened.

Lights flashed before my eyes and I steaded myself against the railings holding us from the stage. I looked around Dublin-Capitol, knowing I had moments left here. Smoting's Butcher, the food that barely kept my family alive with its high prices. Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe, the shop owned by the kind Mrs. Simms. The Young Concepts Club, my mother wanted me to go so badly... My mother!

My family... what would they do without me? My mother so sick and my brother barely in school. How could he care for her? Their was only one obvious answer. I would have to win.But killing 386 children would not be easy, especialy with the Careers to deal with.

The irritating voice of Trianna Weldon brought me back to my senses. She was reaching her aqua blue hand into the reaping jar labeled boys. A cheesey grin was planted on her heavily tattoed face.

Any moment my district partner would be anoncned

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