"Let the sharks eat his corpse."
— Rachel Ghard about Johnattan Firebreeze 
Rachel Ghard
Age 18
Occupation Career
Home District 1
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weapon Throwing Knifes, Camouflage
Fate Decaesed
Rachel Ghard was a career in the 7th Hunger Games. She scored third place and was killed by Johnattan Firebreeze.


Rachel had the tall of her age, beautiful straight blonde hair, green-emerald eyes and a killer style.

7th Hunger GamesEdit

After the careers killed 11 tributes at the Cornucopia Island, Rachel found out that it was in the Sand Island where Johnattan FirebreezeChristopher James and Mel Windseal were hidden. She told Michael Jeffster, who got there and killed Christopher James.

Michael left for hunting Johnattan, and the careers fixed base in the Beast Island, ordering Helena Cherry to modify the system so the island wouldn't sink. With Michael and the group, she killed all the beasts with his and re-named "Career Island".

As Michael was still hunting Johnattan Firebreeze, she and the group hunted for the other tributes around.

Five days later, Michael returned, and in the following day, Johnattan and a girl named Jane Washel invaded the island, she was killed by an arrow from Jaime Clentie, Johnattan shows a metal deadly hammer-like hand, like a hook and she was the first to fall.

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