Age 35
Occupation Peacekeeper
Rebel Lieutenant
Home District 2
Gender Female
Fate Alive
Appearances Catching Fire
Portrayed by Milla Jovovich

Purnia was a Peacekeeper who came from District 2. She was known to be one of the many easygoing Peacekeepers, and disliked the new regime by Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread.


Catching FireEdit

Not much is known about Purnia aside from the fact that she was a friendly customer at Greasy Sae's shop. When Gale accidentally presented a poached turkey to Romulus Thread, intending to sell it to his friend Cray, he was sentenced to being publicly whipped. Purnia stepped forward when Katniss, Haymitch and Peeta arrived protecting Gale, though stiffly as she did not want to end up like Darius, who had been previously beaten for intervening. Purnia lied to Thread and convinced him to decrease Gale's number of lashes, saying that it was Gale's first offence. After Thread left, Purnia was one of the many Peacekeepers to help Darius, earning Katniss' thanks.

After the end of the 75th Annual Hunger Games, which resulted Katniss destroying the arena, Purnia and Darius rallied 8000 Peacekeeper Defectors to support the rebellion and returned to District 12 to save all the citizens from been killed. Before the Capitol sent hovercrafts to bomb the district, Purnia managed to kill Thread for his cruelty towards the people of District 12. With only 5000 Peacekeeper Defectors left, Purnia and her companion Gale were able to rescue 7935 people and lead them into the woods before they were all rescued by District 13.


In Mockenjay, Purnia has been promoted to Rebel Lieutenant and volunteered to drop down weapons in District 5 for the people to destroy the dam. She participated in the Battle of District 2, but was badly injured when she was shot in the shoulder. After the war was over, Purnia returned to District 2 to live in peace in the new era. She went on to marry a citizen in her district and give birth to three children: a girl and two boys.

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